I am therefore I wave.

Hi. Please help delude myself of consequence. 

I’m just a typical artist suffering from obsessive compulsive imagination, but I know a few tricks to take advantage of my condition. 

At least I hope I do. Explore and find out for yourself. 


I am therefore I draw.


I am therefore I write.

I think I live in two worlds–both real to me–but only one you and I can see. 

You know those kids who talk to imaginary friends? I was one of them. 

And in some ways, I’m still her. 


I am therefore I sing.


I am therefore I blog.

I should really blog more often. I’m just not very good at it.

When I do blog, I mostly talk about my creative interests. 

Sometimes I feel generous and do tutorials too. 

I wish I have more to blog about. What do you want to hear from me?


I am therefore I video.